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Monday 12 September 2016

Move Along

Random photo of my gladiator collection to fill space..
The subject of the post should really have said, "Move along please there's nothing to see here" which would say it all really (but was a tad too long). The reality is that I've been unable to do anything hobby-related during the last week due to real life issues.
I've travelled the length of the country to a funeral (and suffered the resulting hangover) and after a quick turn-around arrived home to receive my relatives from Canada whom #2 son was babysitting. Next up was a wedding and meeting two of my cousins whom I hadn't see for about forty years or so.
Assorted beasts for the arena - Lion steaks anyone ?
Next up, with not nearly enough sleep, it was off to meet another relative arriving from Canada (luckily our house is big enough to accommodate all these newly arrived foreigners).
 The latest guest arrived today, so no proper blog this week - as I'm sure you've already guessed.
(I've thrown a couple of pics from my Gladiator project on here to pad this out - just in case you were wondering - everyone likes piccies right?).
Victory! (How I'm feeling getting this post done)
So, apologies whilst I back-track and catch up with all your blogs posts that I've missed commenting upon in the last week or so - I promise I'll try and catch up, as time allows between the compulsory bouts of entertaining I'm compelled to do.

In other news I have found the promised opposition to my pirates and given the opportunity (they're in one of the now occupied guest rooms) to photograph them, they may well feature next week (fingers crossed).

That's it then for this week, thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Sounds like a good week despite the lack of hobby~!

    1. Thanks Brummie, I'll be making up for it hobby-wise when I can though

  2. That is quite a collection. Do you have a dedicated beastiarius figure? if so he will be very busy I suspect.

    Sorry about the funeral but it must be good to see relatives again .

    1. Thanks Clint, the Bestiarii didn't have specific 'outfits' as far as I know, but were generally spear armed and I have a lot of suitably armed figures.

      Thanks too for the sympathy, it was more a celebration of life than anything else and it was great to see all the relatives (and in some cases five geerations of them!)

    2. I also have not seen any specific beasiarii outfits other than in Hollywood where anything goes!

    3. The available mosaics aren't really that enlightening either

  3. 4 Canadians, a wedding and a funeral? Sounds busy.

    That's a lot of lions, leopards and tigers! Should be quite a spectacle.

    1. Thanks C6, the Canooks have settled in well and the sisterly/brotherly love is well underway (read we're back to friendly extrting the urine).
      The quantity of animals, was purely for variety (they all have slightly differing stas)and as they cost less than 25p each, why not ?