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Monday, 19 October 2015

Escape to the Country (3)

Jerome and Washinton in the foreground 
Last week we left Jerome and what was left of his gang heading up the centre street towards the RV. Jerome and Washington (aka  Bjorn) continued on towards their objective of the RV leaving Chuckles and Bubba being (they'd become separated and couldn't keep up with the others due to their low fitness)

Bubba the obvious target of a stray zombie.

 No new zombies were generated but a lone one homed in on Bubba and Chuckles, leaving Bubba no option but to open fire on the zed as it tried to close in on Bubba.
Even though Bubba managed to riddle the zed with bullets (three hits!) he only managed to knock the zombie down; Chuckles however came to the rescue and stomped down on the prone zombie, killing it once and for all.

Another one bites the dust (white counters are noise)
One zombie v two of the gang - seems fair

Meantime Jerome and Bjorn (aka Washington), continued jogging towards the RV despite the attention they were now getting from the solitary zombies ahead of them. However three more zombies were generated, two to Jerome's right and another ahead of him, which when added to the others slowly encroaching upon him and Washington, made things a little more hairy.

Bubba and Chuckles sauntering up the street
  Things did start to look up a for the lead pair as the SP5 was depleted, leaving only two to generate future zombies. Jerome split from Washington to head straight for the RV, leaving Washington cover him whilst he did so.
The zombies close in
The next turn saw Jerome and Washington dithering (no activation), and consequently becoming slightly concerned as the zombies continued their advance towards making them a happy meal.
Further down the street, Bubba and Chuckles also stopped to gaze around at the growing zombie menace.
The penultimate spawn point (#4) and closest remaining one to the gang was also depleted, so at least the gang had something going in their favour,
"There's only three'''"
Jerome nearly at the RV, whilst Washington 'holds the fort'
 Luckily the gang's indolence didn't last long; Jerome sprang into action and headed straight for the RV; Washington shot at the two closest zombies to himself, luckily killing them both  outright.

Chuckles and Bubba
Down the street Chuckles and Bubba also decide to make a run for it (finally), with Chuckles taking the lead.
(Black counter on the RV represents Jerome's position)

Jerome tested the door lock to the RV (half a chance it was unlocked) and finding it locked smashed the window to gain entry.
Washington, drops a single zombie and manages to knock another down, meantime Bubba and Chuckles continue their marathon race towards the rest of the gang.

The zombies were seemingly stunned by all this new noise and stood watching their fellow undead dropping around them.

Elsewhere the stream of zombies from the last remaining spawn point were also brought to a standstill.

Washington's view of the carnage
As Jerome started the engine up (100% chance because of his attribute) Washington slowly walked across the car-park towards the RV shooting at anything that looked remotely dangerous, swiftly joined by Chuckles and Bubba spraying bullets from his smg.
All was at last looking good for the gang!

Bubba's shooting, looking pretty effective.
Washington nails another zombie
In the car-park Washington roaming zombie whilst Bubba managed to knock another down, Jerome reverses the RV, narrowly missing a zombie hidden from by the wrecked vehicle.
Gunfire attracts more zombies but they're too far away to bother the gang.

The gang's chance of escape is made a little easier with an event lowered the ER.
My interpretation of the card was that the ER drops by one as my ER is linked directly to zombie generation.
 Washington heads to the passenger door, opened by Jerome whilst Bubba and Chuckles head towards the RV. With just a couple of  zombies in their immediate area there is little immediate threat, but elsewhere the zombies are streaming towards the noise of the RV.

The Zombies heading for the noise....

...and forming a zombie conga line...

...some less successfully as others !
RV beginning to pull out the car-park
With Bubba and Chuckles making it safely into the RV the game was all but over. The remaining few turns of the game saw the zombies having little impact upon the gang's intentions as they closed in on the noise their RV was making.
The RV's movement of course, would have the zombies going one way then the other as the RV sped passed them.
With Jerome at the wheel the RV would attempt to avoid colliding with zombies on the road as it gained speed (I allow an increase of 6" in speed each turn) 

On the final home stretch.
Escape to the country!
 There wasn't many things that cold rally go awry with the escape once all the gang were on board, an event, inaction  or an unintentional collision with any zombies on the road would possibly have some effect.
Zombies in the RV's wake
 When the player did become inactive a zombie on the road ahead couldn't be avoided, even if the gang could get initiative. When the gang did regain initiative Washington leaned out the passenger window shooting him dead and simultaneously running out of ammo!

With that final zombie casualty and the gang easily clearing the table, effecting their escape, the game was called.

Two dozen or so zombies had been killed whilst two dozen more were left wondering where their next meal was coming from.

That's it for this week, it was a very enjoyable scenario took several hours to play out over two session but took even longer to write-up!

I've updated my other blog this week showing a couple of minor conversions I've done and it can be found HERE


  1. Too easy, right :-) ? I'm sure you'll make it harder for the gang next time!

    (I'm still wondering whether Chuckles will turn out to be hiding a bite...)

    1. It did turn out to be a bit easier after their 'iffy' start. I wonder though if Jerome will be able to hold the gang together
      Chuckles didn't show whther he is 'clean' or infected during the scenario, but it could be a surprise next time!

      (For some reason I'd lost myoriginal reply)

  2. Thanks Sk,even if it all cam to abit of an anti-climax.

  3. Nice adventure Joe! Some days even fools get lucky. Hope the boys get to where they are going sooner rather than later. Although the RV makes a nice mobile base!

    1. Thanks Bob, there was a bit of luck for the gang after their initial zombie clash.
      There are now several opportunites for follow-on scenarios - looking for those that ran off during the scenario or even thse fromthe the night before, plus they stillhaven't reached the country-side.

  4. That was a fun recap. Nice to see them getting to the RV and making good their escape...so far! Not the most sporty vehicle for an apocalyptic escape, but pretty comfortable!

    1. Thanks N667, it was a fun game and if they'd missed another one or two activations late on they could have been in a lot of trouble. I'd chosen the RV as their escape vehicle objective simply because I'd recently got the vehicle and it couldfit allof the original nine members they had.

  5. Great game reading these reports sparked my own ATZ urges.

    1. Thanks Robert, if I've sparked anypne into gaming then that's a plus!
      I have been following your own Zombie incent of 1888 too - I didn't realise it was so popular until I'd found so many referencs in the Lead Adventurers board.

  6. What I missed part 2!!! I shall have to go back and watch the catch up episode! If I have not said so before the set up is impressive. Right now watching part 2 (on demand!)

    1. Thanks for that Clint, (you made me chuckle), it's very rewarding to have your comments inmore ways than one!

  7. excellent action Joe, its just like watching The Walking Dead!

    1. Thanks Ray, I'm sure you're talking about the 5 minutes of action in the forty minute programme..

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael, much appreciated - maybe not as exciting as it could have been though.

  9. Great report and good storie. A lot of zombies kill. A pleasure to read.

    1. Merci Shuby, les zombies ne méritent rien de moins