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Monday, 14 September 2015

Shipping Containers

I've had these on my to do list for no other reason than they're quick to make (comparatively),
Container stack.
provide some easy scatter terrain and seem fairly iconic in a quite a few zombie novels I've read.
Note though that I have no intention whatsoever of making some attempt at a container port!
First up is a kitbash (how I hate that word) of the three WorldWorksGames containers. I have also made the three individual containers separately, but for some reason the rubbish photographer forgot to get a snap of them.
The WWG containers were the first ones I obtained and the only ones I actually paid out for, my others were all free downloads found on the  Interweb thingy.
The Toposolitario containers
These three were obtained from a great site: http://www.toposolitario.es It is in Spanish, but for English readers there is a translate to English button.There are a great many more free models on this site too, but mostly for a futuristic style of game.
The three Maerklin containers

Next up are another three 'freebies', but aimed towards children, hence their simplicity, but there is still nice detailing on the doors and it's yet more variation.
These are available from a  German site for children:   //www.maerklinfanclub.de/en/
but you'll have to do a bit of digging around to find them.
Four of the the Igshansa
Next up are umpteen containers from yet another German site:
They're in two different sizes for most of them; a 20 foot version and a 40 foot version and are available in three scales, 1/87, 1/100 and 1/200 as they're aimed at railway modellers.
Another four of the Igshansa Containers
 I used the 1/87 versions for mine and re-scaled them to somewhere between 1/43 and 1/60. Shipping Containers come in standard sizes generally with a 10 foot square (about 3 metres) end by multiples of 10 foot lengths.
I chose to do the shorter versions  for gaming purposes.

Same containers as above, but showing the logos on the back two
Yet more of the Igshansa Containers
They come in all colours and have lots of different logos too - there are so many that I wouldn't be surprised if I've missed a few.
All mine (save for one) haven't got a base to them as this made it far easier to pack them out with foamboard reinforcement, made from the numerous pieces of scrap foamboard that I retain for just such uses as this.
Are we nearly there yet? - Another three Igshansa models 
Final Igshansa model
The final one of the Igshansa models was photographed by itself as I found it had been omitted after the general photo session of the others.

And where would we be without that most damning of all containers - the Umbrella Corp container?
This is one of a series of futuristic conatiners available from :
Antenocitis Workshop
The containers themselves are very 'futuristic, which can just about be made out on the one in the photograph to the left.
There's  WWG container in the right foreground
They're all (as far as I can tell based on 'Evil Corporations' and there's a lot of them too! I've only made the one for the moment and even that has been modifed a bit. The doors were taken re-sized from another model then coloured to match, whilst the top of the model I replaced using the base, for no other reason than I preferred the look and it took it further away from the 'futuristic' look.
Since making all these I've found a few more  models among my files and I'll probably have another look at some of the Antenocitis ones too for inspiration, if nothing else.

The final Stack showing 27 of the models I made
Excluding the solid stack of WWG models (effectively representing 18 containers) I made a total of 28 single container models although there are one or two duplicates amongst them, but no matter, it reflects reality to some degree.

That's it then for another week - hope you found something of interest (and I'm sick of typing the word "container").

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  1. No Shipping port! Well it does look like you nearly have enough for one. In fact that would be a good setting for a show game, easy scenery and veru colourful with loads of signage.

    Nice to see them mate and good to job on them with regard to resizing them.

    1. Thanks Clint- A shipping port then as your nextproject ?
      I've got more of a warehouse yard thing in my mind - still on the lookout for a suitable crane though.

  2. They look wonderful and seeing them altogether like that at the end really gives the impression of a container park.

    1. Thanks Micheal, they will fill up a lrge amount of table-space.

  3. Ah, Clint beat me to it. For someone who isn't building a port, that's a mighty lot of containers! Is this the definitive Internet list of paper models of containers, then :-) ?

    1. Thanks C6 (see my answer to Clint above).
      There are a vast amount of card-stock (and solid) containers avialable, mostly in railway modellers sites, but alas most demand some pecuniary compensationfor their use. I've gone for all hte frreebie ones I could find and I think I still have a couple that I haven't yet printed off !

  4. Now that's an impressive amount of containers, good work sir.

    1. Thanks AL, I'll prbably end up using only a handful in any game.

  5. They do look really good, nice one!

    1. Thanks Ray, they're good enough for my purposes, but harly show standrd.

  6. The containers look excellent. I think they make good scatter terrain for any modern or post apocalypse setting. Shipping containers can be found almost anywhere, and I think they'd be handy for quick and dirt walls for a survivor camp... Hmmm.

    1. Thanks N667, I agree with everything you've said, we have a one at our local community centre that;s used for secure storage! In the series of novels "hite Flag of the Dead", the 'heroes' do use these over time as perimeter for all the major survivor centres and I've seen at least one game where model containers have also been used similarly.

  7. What a great collection of containers, Joe and so varied as well. My particular fave has to be the Umbrella Corporation one, as that is a simply stand-out 'colour scheme' and obviously immediately conjures up all sorts of images of zombies shuffling around their facility. More please :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, I guess it's no surprise that you favour the more futuristic one s it is quite distinctive. It would make a good spawn point though, even if a little predictable.

  8. Great work Joe! I tried to find the containers on antenociti's site, but couldn't ... any chance of a link please?

    1. Thanks Colin, here;s the link you need:
      Let me know if this doesn't work please !
      I couldn't find it at first either using the link I originally gave and had to relook it up too!

    2. That worked fine Joe - thanks!

    3. NP, we always aim to please!

  9. Excellent array of shipping containers Joe. I like the fact these are free, your a man after my own heart. I'm trying to make all my terrain from free downloads. Great idea to use these as a perimeter wall.
    Kudos on your card-fu skills sir.

    1. Thanks Bob, they do make good scatter terrain; I'm very financially challenged and I'm always on the look-out for free stuff! (I can't claim to have originally thought of the perimeter wall idea btw)

  10. Your reproduction of the storage containers is spot on! It's one of your best work yet I think! Good job and keep the updates coming!