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Monday, 28 September 2015

Container Office (2)

Door 'End'
Here's the completed Container Office, finished in a bit of a hurry.
It measure a mere 2"x2"x4.5" (height, width length -about 50mm x 5mm x105mm)
I added a few vertical struts to the model for interest and of course the roof was finished off.

Small window end
The rear (other end from the door) has a small window whilst the non-window side has had three 'struts' for 'decoration'; they're very thin slices of card and give no strength to the model, but do add a little more interest to an otherwise very boring side.

Boring end.

 As I hadn't done a detailed interior for some time I made a few items for the interior, as can be seen.
The desk wand bookshelf were made from scraps of fairly thick card whilst the door frame and door were made out of two layers of thinner card, using the thinner card as a hinge in the resulting 'sandwich'
Bits and pieces
I also utilised bits and pieces from my 'stock' of bits, poster, magazines, newspapers, documents, paintings and so on; some of them can be seen to the right (I used all of these except the 'gun' poster).

Before internal detailing
Door end before
After a very swift internal paint job, a paper floor, representing some form of tiled surface was added.
I knocked of the tiling on my printer in black and white on an A4 sheet so very little was used. and much remains.

Sid standing in the entrance,
Here's a view showing how crammed the inside is. I don't think that there is more than a single place where a figure with a 25mm base could stand (directly in front of the desk - in case you're wondering!) .

Desk area.
Opposite view
As can be seen, it's very tight inside and I really should have measured up the desk before setting to make it!
A few other items from my stock of things I add to internal 'fixtures and fittings' can be just about made out.
A pizza, which I've sort of adopted as a trade mark - they're very easy to represent (and are easily identifiable as such with a 'slice' removed),; a fuel can (must get some more of these), some books and of course newspapers.
The desk-top monitor took about 5 minutes to make and maybe another five to paint.

So, what's in the little room at the other end ? The Little boy's room (of course)
The little boy;s room
Little boy's room alternative view.
The sink was made from a scrap of card, a piece of sprue and cut tablet packaging (I hjave a lot of these).
The toilet was one of many I made two or three years ago from cork .

Sid wondering who is inside .
Final bird's eye view - can you spot the dart-board ?
 I've managed to coerce someone to throw dice with me, next week's post will be an AAR !
 That's all for this week except to welcome my latest follower  "da Gobbo Grotto" whose blog can be found here; I hope that those reading this find something of interest.

And finally , if you don't know what the WWE have to do with my gladiator project, you can find the answer HERE


  1. Your attention to detail Joe is simply astonishing, and you always seem to go that little bit further what with sinks, toilets, tables and four-fifth pizzas. Inspirational stuff and I assure you I always find something of great interest in all of your postings.

    1. Thanks Blaxx, with a 'stock' of bits it's quite easy to put it all together. If I inspire anyone then it's been worthwhile as I've been inspired by so many others.

  2. I really do appreciate scratchbuilt models, Zab. This is terrific. A one of kind piece of work to have a lot of fun with!

    Heh heh. The inside of the container looks a bit like my office.

    1. Thanks Jay, it will be the centrepiece of a larger model, but will no doubt find use elsehwere in my games too.
      My office desk always looked something like it too....

  3. I love it! It's the bits and pieces that really make it, the cluttered desk is genius!

    1. Thanks Michael, it would really be just another box without the internal detail - desk based on most I've worked at!

  4. Nice work on that office, especially the internal clutter. Kudos. :)

    1. Thanks PC, without the clutter it would be pretty drab.

  5. The inside is what really sells this. Great office, and a handy building to have for many layouts. Really nice job, the bathroom was a great touch!

    1. Thanks N667, I do have a distinct plan for it but it will of course be used elsewhere in my set-up. As for the 'bathroom' I still have a pot full of toilets to use up, so any excuse.

  6. Agree with the previous comments: it's the clutter inside that makes this "real".

    1. Thanks C6, the 'clutter' is the fun bit of a build such as this and for me the easiest!

  7. Darn I missed this post yesterday. One would almost think you had been in these type of offices on building sites! Suitably shabby and dilapidated and I men that in a good modelling way. Tremendous stuff mate.

    very minor quibble! It really is almost not worth mentioning but unless you have a sink it would not pass health and safety! But when the apocalypse comes who is going to worry about that. In fact forget I mentioned it!

    1. Thanks Clint, when (if) I get around to modelling the location that I originally intended for this to sit in it will come as no surprise as to why it's so shabby.
      I'd also ask you to have a look at the fourth from bottom photo and the short paragraph alongside it!

  8. Great job Joe! This could have easily been another box, the interior detailing is superb and takes it to the next level.
    I'm really interested in your stock of "bits". How long did it take you to get it together? Any chance you could point me in the right direction for some of my own?

    1. Thanks Bob, I agree that without the interior, it's just another 'box'.
      All my card 'bit' come from free sources on the interweb:
      http://www.toposolitario.es/workshop/mash.html# Has a good selection of signs and other things (eg. the shipping containers
      http://www.modelpaperworld.com/ has all Tommy Gun's (sic) boxes and Buildings
      http://papermau.blogspot.co.uk has many smaller accessories too - use the search function in the right-hand column (tricky to find) for boxes and such like.
      I search google for things like "funny signs" , safety signs, office signs etc and scale what I find to fit my purposes
      For 'solid' models such as the toilet in this build I sat and made lots and lots of them - you can find them here :
      I did the same thing when I needed armchairs, sofas and beds
      I find it doesn't take that much longer to make lots as opposed to just one!
      I'm still looking for better 'sink; and bath ideas !
      Things like books are really simple and effective as are newpapers (I found a lots of front pages and scaled them all down onto a single sheet but there are a couple of freebies out there, such as :
      Hope this is the sort of help you're after ! If not, then just ask !

    2. Thanks Joe.
      Just the sort of thing I was after.

    3. NP Bob, ask away, always willing to help

  9. Great idea and looks great nice work Joe.

    1. Thanks Brummie, it's strange how these ideas for models come to me.

  10. The conex office is amazing; no one pays as much attention to detail as Zabadak.

    1. Thanks BF, but I do think you're being over-genrous - my jaw drops when I see what details the railway modellers put into their efforts.