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Monday, 4 August 2014

Return to the Burbs(2)

General view of the Table
There was no real overall objective for the players in this scenario, I left it to them to sort that out for themselves. The two 'heroes' Scott and Mattias merely had to meet up and go to Scott's house (top left of the overhead photo below).

Taxi slowing so it can stop next turn
The ER (encounter rating) of the area is 3; Mattias Groschen has an Initiative and Leadership of (4) and all his other abilities (Shooting, Melee, Fitness and Driving) are 3's He has an attribute that gives him an increased Initiative of 1 when he is by himself.  Scott Briand has Initiative and leadership of 4, a melee ability of 3, but all his other abilities are 2, he has an attribute that allows him an extra initiative when interacting with people, but lessens his initiative for anything other than reaction. Mattias' companion in the vehicle was a jogger "Brendan Cram" that he was giving a lift to from their previous encounter.

Mother and child from park making their way to their vehicle
The game started up with little general activity, Mattias' taxi entered the table and slowed down so that he could exit the vehicle and cross the road to meet up with Scott.

"So, where's the all-day breakfast ?"
Shoppers and Sid heading for their vehicles.

A lone zombie appeared at spawn point (1), the furthest from the  players, but strangely no others appeared even with the traffic noise whilst all the civilians (with all abilities of 3) just went about their pre-planned routes.
"Run for it !"

The first PEF to be revealed turned out to be two unarmed civilians whom we decided were fleeing from the recently spawned zombie.
Whilst the other two PEF's had each increased the ER of the area, it was now ER 5 ! - (Oh dear, in my games this has a direct influence on the chance of zombies appearing).
"Zo, Scott, eet eez like dis"

The mother and child got to their vehicle without incident whilst Scott and Mattias eventually met up, Mattias had to explain that his companion Brendan had decided that he would try and make it home on his own (a failed die roll). He also recounted the experience of his morning's outing to St. Mary's Heights.
Other civilians continued doing civilian type things (as they do) whilst the driver of the delivery truck shut the back doors of his truck.
Somehow the shuttered door to the supermarket had jammed in a closed position (an event card)

"Unt, zer ver undead everywhere"

The two pals started their leisurely walk down the street oblivious to the few zombies that were arriving, Mattias sharing his recent experiences.
 The noise made by the various vehicles now started to take effect aslittle as it was.

Sid and the shoppers making their getaway

The zombies by this stage numbered a mere two and we were about 4 turns into the game !
The family still fleeing

Family still fleeing whilst the driver gets in his truck
 Over the next two turns the situation remained more or less the same, with the zombies being very hesitant to move or increase their numbers despite the increase in noise from various vehicles.

Shoppers getting in their car, Sid leaving.
Locking up the shop
Inside the store the girl on the till was locking up, the manager was wondering what to do about his jammed shutter, whilst the other shop assistant was getting ready to go home.
The "heroes" ambling along

Another civilian, going to the now closed Supermarket
 The zombies still weren't in any great numbers, a single one did appear in the path of Sid, trying to get a free lunch, but was no match for Sid's van.
Sid making good his escape, clipping a zombie
Other than the single zombie appearing the other two present seemed very indolent and happy enough to watch their lunches disappear into the sunset.
Nonchalantly walking home
The noise from vehicles inevitably attracted a few more zombies to the area but only the two were directly in the path of our heroes and their home.
"You three get away from my car !"
"You see this camera Mattias ... "
Another event (I've returned to having events appear on a '6' each turn - the same chance as it used to be.)
Zombie slowly appearing in the alley
Almost overlooked by the players. a steady flow of zombies had appeared in the alley behind the bank, behind our heroes but they seemed more content on chasing cars.

The blue car dangerously close to the zombies

Oblivious to most everything that was happening around them chatting about how much his camera and snazzy new flash unit was worth, the two looked on in horror as the staggering forms in their path proceeded to attack the slow car in front of them and all hell seemed to break around them.

The blue car was suddenly attacked by the two closest zombies
Whilst another zombie attempted to attract the attention of the accelerating truck by throwing itself under its wheels. (the driver wasn't even aware of it and carried on his merry way, wondering what that thump was)


The shop assistant, having now attracted the attention of the three nearby zombies was caught completely unaware and went down under a hail of flailing arms and teeth.
...and after
Civilians 1, Zombies 3
The blue car fared a little better,the driver didn't quite fight off the two zombies but did manage to knock one of the two zombie attackers down  - she also lost control of the vehicle as she ducked down, luckily though the car swerved to the right away from the park wall.
The truck accelerated straight ahead and clipped yet another zombie that was foolish enough to try and hitch a lift.

It was at about this stage that Scott and Mattias decided that it would be a good idea to head back to the bins they had just passed and have a quick look for some form of weapon.
 They also had a plan...
Spawn point 2, had been depleted, if they could make their way there, then they'd be home and dry so to speak.
Apparently they were both reticent about putting their hands into the garbage and stood saying things like "You, go first", "no after you" and so on. even though they were in imminent danger.
The two zombies that had attacked the blue car were now attracted to what appeared to be slightly easier picking - the two arguing chums by the bins; one zombie stood up whilst the other staggered onwards.
Elsewhere the march of the zombies continued
The blue car was making its way out of the area, but more traffic was steadily attracting more zombies (mostly into the alley behind the bank).

And that's where I'm leaving it this week, about half-way through the game. It's actually taken about as long to write up this portion as it took to play the entire scenario and next week I'll finish off.
Mattyoo as "Mattias Groschen"
Bryan as "Scott Briand"
As my camera is consistently on the blink at the moment I'd like to thank the two players that joined me in this, Mattyoo playing the part of Mattias and Bryan/Vampifan, playing as Scott, both of whom were kind enough to take most of the photographs you see here.

I'd also like to welcome my latest follower "Stephen" who apparently doesn't have a blog and of course, as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. The two zombies at the end are quite terrifying. One is even trying to eat a camera. Rather than rummaging in the trash the two "heroes" should kick down some of the fencing and get some planks with spikes in. Vandalism is not a problem when flesh eating zombies are about! Nice Report Joe.

    1. Thanks Clint and yes they are quite terrifying pair aren't they ?
      Given there abilites the two heroes, were never going to be that heroic !

  2. Excellent batrep Joe. great read and congrats to the celebrity players!

    1. Thanks AL, thank goodness the "celebrities" (ahem) were cheap !

  3. Great batrep Joe! Things seem quite quiet for your guest players. Dumpster diving for weapons doesn't seem like much of a plan though.

    1. Thanks Bob, as they only have a 50/50 chnace against zombies, they needed something !

  4. There ought to be some kind of superpower called "oblivious" or something like that. It would enable you to walk calmly down a street whilst Armageddon happens around you, but you couldn't be hurt or otherwise involved as long as you didn't realise what was happening. Of course at some point you would *succeed* in a spotting or awareness roll and become terrifyingly mortal...

    1. Thanks C^, I think our two 'heroes' have just reached that point

  5. Thanks, Joe. It was a lot of fun and it certainly got more and more tense as the game went on. There may not have been many zombies to start off with but once the game got started they seemed to pop up all over the place. Damned nuisances! Being a simple unarmed civilian stuck in an area surrounded by hostile zombies certainly makes you think very carefully about every move and action you make.

    1. Yep, you're right Byran. It's very hard to convey just how tense the game was getting by that stage. You were both very aware how fragile both your lives were becoming too.

  6. Cracking game so far, looking forward to the conclusion!

    1. Thanks Michael, I've a feeeling a lot more of my games may well be foot-races whilst weapons aren't in abundance. Conclusion will be following after a brief interlude.

  7. Ha! Such a long read and nothing happened "yet" (see what I did there?). Cheers again for the game, it was a blast. I am really interested to see what happens in the subsequent games that are to be played!

    1. Thanks Mathyoo, for one who took part I can understand you're interest. Mattias' and Scott's adventures will continue for a time ye I suspect.

  8. Great write up, very enjoyable

  9. Very cool. Liked the 'No, you go first' on the dumspter diving :)

    1. Thanks ZA, if only it had been that amusing in the game !

  10. Great looking game mate ;) keep them comming...

    1. Thanks ZA, I reckon I've got at least 3 more posts covering the two games we played.

    2. Oops, That was meant to read HW !

  11. Great story Joe, a bit of a slow-burner but it's heated up now! Looking forward to the thrilling conclusion :-)

    1. Thanks Paul, the 'slow burner' is intentional as I work through my rules, don't hold your breath for a thrilling finish !

  12. Excellent the tension is building! Looking forward to the next installment!

  13. Fun looking game and an amazing table.

    1. Thanks BC, the game was fun despite the apparent lack of action. As for the table, it's taken a long time to get where I am atm, but there's a long way to go.