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Monday 5 June 2023


Medieval Chaps

I inherited a large collection of 54mm models, several years ago and with the, seemingly continuous, disruption in my house they've been unfortunately neglected. They were given to me by the wife of a dear friend for disposal in whatever way I desired. So everthing you see here is available for anyone that 's wants on or more, for the price of postage, even if it's just to melt them down for- mainly historex their lead content (just don't tell me). They could be used, I guess, even as 'trophies' or awards at games clubs . 
For the next week or so, I'll be showing off allthe models currently in my possession, both lead and plastic (many Napoleonics - mainly Historex as far as I can tell.)
 Here's the first box-worth of models:-

It's all Greek to me
French Poilu
Napoleonic in plastic - Retreating from Moscow ?
Another plastic Napoleonic
A familiar model. (plastic)
Johnny Reb and a surrendering Yankee -plastic

In addtion to finished models there are packets of bits:

Three of about a dozen similar bags of bits and full models (probably)

The collection spans two thousand years of history and to my eyes is well painted.
Thee are packets of Historex figures (Napoleonic from what I can tell) which still need assembling and at least one figure of a Japanese Taisho (general) that needs putting together and painted.

That's it for this month, I have been trying to catch up with blogs, but I tire very quickly on my computer, it's getting to be quite a strain reading and typing.

That's it then for another month and if you can think of anything I can do with these models, please do tell - there will be more next time.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Beautiful looking miniatures sir!

  2. Can see there was a lot of love in these models, I don't really do a lot in 54 mm, but if I hear of anyone, I'll send them in your direction Joe.

    1. Thanks for that Dave, I really can;t think why anyone would want painted figures .

  3. Some great looking figures Joe.

    1. Thanks ray, they're all up for grabs if you want any !

  4. How strange I could have sworn I left a comment! Nice figures, I'm going to turn my 54mm Greek and Roman figures into statues!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I've been having a lot of techy problems too, which I've just put down to it being Blogger.
      Using them as statues could work for lot of them over many era, but iirc only the ancients painted their statues ?

  5. Hi Joe, as always I'm late looking at your Blog offerings. The 54mm figures look great. I saw a thread on LAF recently where someone had started wargaming in 54mm, I think it was more an RPG thing but didn't read it.
    A friend of mine had a Library, literally a room full of books on shelves no less. It's now also his wargames room because his wife confiscated his wargames room. For an Office I believe. Anyway he has lots of 54mm figures posted on the shelves, in front of his books, a bit mad but there it is.
    If you want to get rid of some of these figures and haven't had any takers I could ask if he's interested.
    I'll try and remember to pop back and see what you think.
    Take care

    1. Thanks John and apologies from myself in the delay to replying (techy probs with my computer).
      I willing to give away all these 54mms (and more next month) for the cost of postage. It's either that or they'll be melted downor otherwise disposed of.

    2. Hi Joe, I'm having a game with my friend over the internet tomorrow, I'll ask if he's interested, it would be a shame to scrap them.
      Oh Blogger tells me you left a message on my blog but it's not appearing on the blog, probably similar to Iain above. What a temperamental system this is.

    3. Thanks John, I have had quite a bit of trouble posting last week - even just replying on my own blog !
      I did indeed post a comment but I'll take another stab at it .