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Monday, 8 August 2022

And Harry Makes Six...

 .... or at least he would if I ever get him finished!
I am referring to the fact that this week I slapped some paint on a figure that has sat waiting to be painted for over a year, in a sort of test-run for my new spectacles. 
It's been an awful week hobby wise with little other than the weeekend to spend painting and watching football.
Monday was blog day which always leaves me exhausted.
Tuesday was a quick  ten minute routine hospital appointment that lasted most of the afternoon!
Wedesday nearly went for my new spectaccles only to be told that I had the wrong day. Spent the day instead sending off a package and getting exercise (which I need)  walking to and from the Post Office, which exhausted me for the rest of the day.
Thursday was the day to pick up my new specatacles - yay !  One long range and one short range pair duly collected before I was informed I was going food shopping.. My last visit around a supermarket lasted to about the half way stage before I had to retire to the recuperation centre (our car). This time I lasted until the tills (checkout for our colonial cousins) before being sent off again.
Friday my right arm and neck were too sore for anything other than moaning and seeking sympathy.
By the weekend though I'd recovered enough to do several bits of hobby related things in spurts of about a half an hour at a time - including painting the sixth of the Magnificent seven (the forgotton one), Harry Luck, as played by Brad Dexter (above right).
Here's the pics:
Front quarter view - notice the pot !
I did try painting him with checks, but quickly aboandoned that idea.
Still a lot of detailing to be done
Rear view (obviously - Ed.)
Still shading and highlighting to do !
With his base looking as rough as as badger's arse rear end, I've wondered about putting them all on slightly larger bases, allowing for a bit of a better look.
I@ve also looked at the buildings again having psotted the rear of the shack wsn't done with the rest, because the bricks hadn;t been done !
The wall with the gate will be left and covered with 'plaster'.
Also going with 'Woodland Fawn' (right), rather than 'Chocolate Dream' (left)

Once Brad/Harry is completed  then I'll be looking totackle Robert Vaughn's character 'Lee', but goodness knows how I'm going to tackle that waistcoat !

Robert Vaughn as 'Lee'
And that's it for another week, and though it may not seem a lot, it was to me a great effort.
That's it then, thanks for taking the time to visit hopefully there's something of interest here and as always your comments are both truly welcomed and appreciated.


  1. I hate it when you get one of those weeks where health stops play, but unfortunately they happen, some great progress though Joe, and so nice to see this project moving forward again, as it is an epic build.

    1. Thanks Dave, it has been a rough week, but I'm feeling lot better now. It will be an even better build if I can get them all on the planned base board - but storage is an issue !

  2. This project is looking great Joe! Hope you have a better week.

    1. Thanks MJT, I am already having better week by far !

  3. Useful looking cowboy and build progress is still progress, I think there's probably room for both woodland fawn and chocolate dream followed by a load of washes!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I think you're right about using both, I'm looking to used the Chocolate as a highlighter for the Fawn, then followed by the inevitable washes of course.

  4. Really great looking mini sir!
    best regards

    1. Thanks Michael, he's not too bad a toy, but he did come with a lot of flash and mould lines.

  5. Sorry to hear of your health woes, Joe, but it's great to see you back to painting and modelling again!

    1. Thanks Matt, but there;s a lot more people out there worse off than me, so I just get on with it as best I can. As usual I 'm still not enjoying either painting or modelling - until it's finished !

  6. What a week Joe, hope you are feeling a bit brighter now? So pleased you got your new glasses and hope they make a positive difference for you. I always forget Harry so good to see he has been represented so well here.

    1. Thanks Michael, I'm getting better by the day though my Doc waned me I could still be ill for a while yet.
      Everyone forgets Harry !