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Monday 20 September 2021

The Church (wip #2)

 Once more this week, I have been working in 'fits and starts' on the church, adding a lot of detail to the facade and other bits and pieces to the remainder of the building. I keep wondering what the set makers were thinking of when they added seemingly random bits to all the buildings in the village. I've also started planning the bell tower and the photograph on the right shows one of the few pics showing the whole (almost) of the tower and a good view of the large buttress to the front right of the building. There is only slight evidence for another three buttresses, but there is definetly a second on the rear left of the church. I'm going with the church being symettrical and having four buttresses.
Here's the photographs:
The area of the facade I've been addrssing.
More matchstick bits added
The front three steps added.
The two front doors made in cardboard.
Internal view of the steps and where the third layer of the facade (with the doors) fits

Mock up of the facade still in pieces to facilitate work.
Plans and materials for the last detailing
The pieces in place
The facade after its initial coating of filler
The facade is now as complete as I can make it, but without the elegant plant carving, up the two thin columns - though I do have thoughts on these too (doilies ?). It does need a bit more filler in parts and a lot of filing, but this week should at least see the major body of the church assembled. There is still a lot of work to do on it though.
The four buttersses need material sourced (foam ?) and the apse's half-conical, tiled rood to do. I have though started on the card that will support the dark stone surround as shown below:
The rear apse sans roof.
In other news:
About two weeks ago, I recieved notice of parcel, through the post and after a bit of hassle with the post office I eventually got the small, heavy, parcel (with a Russian label), into my hands.
After closer examination of the label I fouund it was marked 'sample'. I hadn't ordered anything from anyone but upon opening I realised than my Evil-bay wanderings had probably been the cause of this windfall (I was looking at 54mm-1/32nd scale western figures). The Russian firm has a vast selection of these figures,  from gunfighters to civilians, but at about £6 plus postage and the fact that my painting skills (or lack thereof) couldn't possibly do them justice they remain a wishful whimsy.
Here's the figure I recieved: 
He's a cowboy with chaps and a great level of detail, though hardly a figure I'd want.

That's it then for this week, I'll be continuing work on the church, assembling the bdy of the building, making buttresses, starting on the roof of the apse and making inroads into the tower, proving real-life doesn't interupt as it did in the last week when I was recruited as the on-site joiner to fix both our front and back doors, losing a whole day's hobby time to the two endeavours.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully there was something here of interest and as always your comments are always welcomed and truly appreciated.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, still a long way to go though.

  2. Great looking progress on the church Joe, your attention to detail is paying off on this endeavour.
    Nice surprise from Russia with love !

    1. Thanks Dave, a someone once said in one of his builds, "the devil is in the detail".
      The Russian thing was a very big surprise, I'd sugest everyone starts lookking through their figures and keeping their fingers crossed !

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks ray, I'd reserve judhement though until it's finished.

  4. The church is looking really good so far, Joe, and you're nailing the details on the facade. The door in particular looks excellent!

    1. Thank Matt, all the 'little' details took an hour or more to complete (including drying time) - the doors, the triangular bit and the two looping decorations, as well as all the very small matchsticj embellishments !

  5. Lovely looking sample figure, almost up to the quality of the church build ! Nice detail work,love the doors, string with a wash of filler to suggest the vines a possibility? I think the Western set already existed and just got adapted in various ways!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, the fgiure is a lot more professional than my church ! U've though of various ways to do the foliage, including embroidery cotton (yes , I do have embroidery cotton) as any sting I have is far to thick. I may have used my 3D pen if my skills with it were a little better, but even that has too broad a 'tip'.
      I think most manufactuers will use dollies in various poses to adapt for all eras.