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Monday 16 August 2021

'Bank' Bits

 My enthusiasm for this is rapidly dwindling towards zero, so over the last week I've achieved more or less zero. The photograph on the right is the rear door of the bulding, looking a bit skew-wiff, but it's usable (just).
This was the major piece of work on this building all week. The white bits on the lintels above the door are plaster/filler, filling a small gap above the lintels. I also used the plaster on the upper surface of the building's roof parapet and the final detail on the front entrance.
WIth a new scalpel blade I tackled the start of the rear verandah roof strips that would later have corrugated card tiles added and got as far as sticking the strips together. 
It was when I reached this stage that I realised the futility of continuing this project - it's huge  and I doubt I'll ever be able to get the minimal area of a six foot square table to put it all together. I also wondered where I'd store all this, if I ever managed to get the three foot square boards needed to mount all the buildings on. 

Front door - note the new small pillars.

Plaster work on the parapet (barely visible)

Rear view of front door.

Strips cut for more roofs

And glued together to form 'steps', all  for...

...the rear verandah roof (1) - that's a tree on the right !

... and the second part of the verandah

I think overall I managed about 2 hours hobby time this week, though I did dig out the gunfighters to cut the flash off them, but looking at them was as far as I got !

Considering that I have large numbers of painted figures/armies in many genres and haven't used them in a game for over a year, at least, (and many years in most cases) I'm wondering why I'm bothering to do anything.at all.

That's it then for this week, if I manage to do anything this week I'll post again next week, or maybe I'll dig out another one of my 'forgotten armies' just to have something to post !

Thanks for taking the time to visit and apologies for the lack of content.


  1. All the bits you've been working on Joe, look great and very in theme with the time period your working on.
    Motivation and enthusiasm can be the biggest problem, in this hobby, also health issues can add a huge toll on it as well. I myself have many armies that have not seen battle in a very long time, but I would like to address that situation, I think the biggest part for me was getting fed up with constant rule changes and the power creep in the main game I played, I have since stopped buying their rules and army books, and decided to go my own route, making a system that I'm happy with and has a more real time feel.
    I hope you find your normal enthusiasm and enjoy what your doing, in whichever form suits you, even if it is nothing to do with this hobby.

  2. Thanks Dave, I've come from playing on huge tables with hundred of figures to a 30 inch square board with a couple of dozen figures, mostly solo. The latter is what grieves me most, especially the 'banter'. Not a single local player has anything other than a passing interest in what I do, so no newideas, criticisms or enthusiasm for my games from that direction either.
    I'm think I'm trying to re-live what once was and still can't get my headLike that robot that 'needs input;, so do I to get my mojo back. around what currently is.

  3. Excellent work as always, Joe. Sorry to read that your motivation is dropping... it must be tough when people around you aren't interested in what you're doing, even when what you're doing is top-notch.

    What forgotten armies do you have? Why not dig one of them out and take a break from the scenery project? And don't apologise for the short posts, it's your blog, you get to write as much or as little as you want :-)

    1. Thanks Matt, real-ife hasn't helped my enthusiasm for the hobby, but not gaming has probably been the main factor.
      My regular gaming opponents of yesteryear have all gone on to do different things and are spread widely too. Not having the means now to travel without assitstance hasn;t helped either.
      I worte about several of my fforgotten armies in many posts in 2019, from about January to July. My armies are mostely 19th Century, but even though I don;t play ancients, I still have a Trojan and an Imperial Roman army. My 7YW armies (4) haven't seen the light of day in well over fifteen years too and may feature in the near future when I revert to posting about "Forgotten Armies".
      None of my forces are small, each have many more figures than I can comfortable fit on my table !

  4. Nice work, pity about the loss of enthusiasm,I also produce terrain that probably won't get used,I enjoy the process I guess!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I'm at an all-time low, but may well bounce back. It seems that currently I'm only doing hobby stuff to occupy time.