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Monday 26 July 2021

Two more Buildings Started

 I started on these next two buildings after chopping and changing my mind about their sizes over several weeks.Bting the bullet,  I took a further hour to finally decide their sizes.
On the left is the building I call the Bank, its footprint is approximately 10" square (26cm). The building adajcent to it is just referred to as no.4, its footprint is a mere 9"x5" (approx. 23cm x 12cm).
Here's the pics of my progress:
Building #3 - the Bank
Building #4
It took me nearly ten hours over two days to plan, draw and cut-out all the pieces needed. The 'Bank; has double thickness walls that required careful measuring for the inside layer. There's also a step up into the 'Bank' and a raised rear patio area. So a ground floor of foamboard was necessary.
Front of the 'Bank'
Rear of the 'Bank'

The left side of the 'Bank'
Front of #4
The rear of #4 (obligatory blurry photograph)
Three-quarter view to compliment the photo below to show what I was working from.
The only view of this side of #4 that I could find
It was this view that made me re-cut the long rectangular narrow window above the lean-to about 2cm lower than I'd done originally, The original position is just visible in the three-quarter view above.
The lean-to has had the horizontal bricks scored, but the vertical cuts have still to be made.  
The front of the 'Bank' with its imposing entrace
The front of the 'Bank' has a very imposing entrance (my reason for calling it the Bank) and I had to spend a whole two hour session getting it looking even partially similar (and it's still not finished - Ed.)
Progress so far, still a fair bit to do on this.

Mock-up showing how it looks, not glued on yet, for ease of working on it.

I've been well above my 'hour a day' regime, clocking in some twenty plus hours over the last six days.There's a lot of work still to do to get these two models anywhere near finished, windows and panes (a pain to do), doors and of course roofs, the 'Bank' has a flat roof with a parapet (with some decoration)'. 'Number 4' has a very long sloping tilesd roof and a very small bit of the other side, plus of course the stonework and roof of the lean-to has to be done. I doubt I'll get all this finished in a single week and will be taking it much easier. I found that towards the end of long sessions, I was making mistakes that meant re-cutting etc..
That's it then for another week, thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully there was something of interest.
As always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.



  1. Both buildings are off to a great start Joe, like the shapes you've gone for, and the lean to is a great extra piece of interest to the building. The entrance to the bank is looking great so far, and shouldn't be too much further to get the detail you want. Know what you mean about windows, and hope all goes well on them.

    1. Thanks Dave, all the extra bits are stillto go too, trees wells, and backyard junk too whereas the lean-to is an integral part of the building.
      Windows are a bane to scratch-builders, even when I was building printed card models cutting out windows was pretty labourious.

  2. Looking really great Joe!
    Finished ones will be awesome!

    1. Thanks Michal, they're both very interesting building in their own way.

  3. They both look excellent, and the bank's portico is a superb piece of work. Why the double thickness on the bank walls?

  4. Thanks Matt, the portico is now finished and in place. Th 'Bank' is one of only three buildings that shows its interior and the thickness of the walls is well illustrated by the front window by the entrance - I'll post a pic of this next week. I wish I'd given the Jail a double thickness wall too as the parapet is a bit flimsy.

  5. Splendid progress on the bank and it's smaller neighbour !
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, if a little late for me to reply