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Monday, 12 April 2021

Peasants (wip) and Chinese (again)

This last week I took advantage of a rare sunny, wind-less day, did the final finishing touches to my Chinese westerners and even managed to spray varnish them!
The photographs below show their provenance (Mexican peasnats).
The ladies

The cutting crew
The Australian contingent
The cut and bash crew

The Shooters
I do have an extra Mexican shooter that couldn't be converted (with my limited skill) as he's wearing a pocho/blacket over his shoulder, but all the Chinese men do have 'pig-tails' that can't really be seen, save in the top phot where one can be made out.
My latest purchase - 100 scalpel blades
Inspired by the arrival of my latest purchase, I went to work on my remaining Mexican peasant, attempting to change many of them into a unique figure (mostly for identification in games).
I have mostl four of each figure, the results of my efforts can be seen below, with the original figure on the left.
The ladies, with one other still to 'convert'
They really are the same size ! Blame the photographer for the foreshortening.
Hat removed for a new look.
New weapons and a hat !
Shooter with hat !
Different shooter (poncho) again with hat added.

The two shooter poses are a problem, another weapon is not easily added and their limbs cannot easily be moved- plus I've run out of hats ! The six ponchoed (that's a word right ?) guys will have to have different coloured pochos as I see no other solution to distinguishing them Note: I'm am trying to get them as 'uniform' as possible, insomuch as they'll all have white tops, white trousers and a straw hat!

Next week will see all the remaining flash removed (where and when I spot it)  and an undercoat. when possible.

My first 54mm, 1/32nd scale building, in nearly forty years, is still under consideration, but there has been progress and hopefully more over the next week!

 That;s it then for this week, thanks for taking the time to visit  - hopefully something here was of interest and as always your comments and both welcomed and truly appreciated - it's what keeps a lot of bloggers blogging  I reckon.


  1. The Chinese element turned out great Joe, and great variation between them.
    The new conversions look great, and can fully appreciate the problems with changing shooters so think your solution is the best.
    Look forward to seeing your new building

    1. Thansk Dave, various weapons, as hopefully, I've shown,ca be given to most figures, save for the shooters who will probably end up wth different coloured waist shashes !

  2. Great stuff Joe! I really like the look of the model with the poncho and hat 😀

    1. Thanks Ivor, he, unfortunately, will be the only poncho wearer with one !

  3. Nice work. The conversions all look fab!

    1. Thanks Brummie, mostwere easy though, I wasn;t pushing myself !

  4. The conversions worked really well, and they look great!

    1. Thanks Matt. for a skirmish game you rea;;y do need individiual figures.

  5. The Chinese have worked out really well and the on going conversion work is promising!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I was very pleased to finaly get the Chinese finished and also justhow quick I managed the conversions on the peasant.