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Monday, 7 September 2020

Dustoff !

Nothing to do with evacuating casualties , but rather my last week's start on removing the dust and grime from my western collection. Using a bowl of soapy luke-warm water the results were much better than I'd ever expected. The limits of the bowl-size I was using and the size of several of the larger building proved to be a bit of a challenge and the ampunt of space I needed was beyond what I had in my now very overcrowded games room - but I'm getting there.
Here's the results of last week's efforts, with some before and after pictures.
Here's the results from the tray on the right:

Injuns and a lot more besides !
Lots of fencing (from Britains' farm series)
Canoes , various bits and an old "Atlantic" figure ;
How the Adobe Cantina originally looked...
...and after a deep clean !
Contents of the Cantina (obligatory slightly blurry photo) 
The Cantina's inhabitants

The Telegraph building (old Scalextric)
Cleaned up contents of the "Big Hotel"
Indians and a lot of other 'bits' from one of the larger boxes
Mostly Apaches - thought I had more !
Horses (bit obvious) found below the Injuns above
Clean log cabin...
...and livery stable (that still need repairing)

The inhabitants of the Diner
'Nice', 'clean' Diner.

Originally buried in dust, the scratch-built  and unpainted stove.
Another box 'before'...
... part of its contents after cleaning
...and more
...and even more.
A nicely cleaned up building.
Possibly this is the sign for it!
Nice and clean inside too 
The content of the above.
Upstairs of the "Silver Dollar"
Start of the 'vehicles'
At the bottom of the second large box - more wagons to clean 
With just another three or four buildings, another two bags and a box of figures to clean, I can then get on to repairing and restoring, the buildings to their original state of grandeur blandness and mediocrity.

That's it the for another week, hopefully you could find something of interest in one or two of these pics and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. That looked a mammoth task Joe, your perseverance has paid off, and can see definite progress. Hope the last few go well and then the repairs

    1. Thanks dave, it still has quite a way to go too.
      There has been obvious progress though and I do keep fining long-lost or forgotten items. I'm really quite surprised how much of it has been preserved.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks BM, it been alonce it's seen the light of day !

  3. Great work Joe - loads of Timpo goodness!

    1. Thanks MJT, along with the Timpo figures, that are in the majority, there is a sprinkling of Britains' "Swoppets" and their "Detail" figures an a few of the old "atlamcic" figures, rather larger than the 54mms. I'm pretty sure there are some 1/32 Airfix too and maybe a few "Hong-Kong" rip-offs too !

  4. Ah, what a treasures! Dream of all young boy :)

    1. Thanks Michsl, but I was around 18 when I started collecting these !

  5. That's an awful lot of western clean up done so far.

    1. Thanks Vagabond, there's still a bit more, but I'm nearly there !

  6. Lots of memories looking at these figures. I wonder whatever happened to my Cowboy collection??

    1. Thanks Ray, being able to stil gta game out of them some 50 years after I started with them means it has been worth while keepinf a hold of them.

  7. Wow Joe the difference in them is unbelievable, I know you were up to your elbows in soap & water but its paid off, well done.

    1. At least he has clean hands now, so all good ;)

    2. Thanks Frank, I too was completely gobsmacked how the figures turned out, still looking as they originally did.

      Vagabond, my hands are indeed 'soft as my face", because of the mild, green liquid I'm using!

  8. Quite the transformation!
    Best Iain