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Monday, 29 June 2020

Wot I done this week

I'm posting about my relatively slow progress on my next box of plastics. It's been very difficult to
find any motivation to do anything hobby-wise, but nevertheless I set myself a target to cut, file, assemble and base my Perry Zouaves (plus additional command sprue). I was ably assited by having some documentaries on the TV as background noise.
Here's my 'diary' for the week:

In addition to writing Monday's blog post, editing pictures etc. I cut out more bases, 20mm square on thin cardboard, as my supply was minimal.
I manged to bring my stock up to a reasonable amount (about 100) knowing I had the Tribal plastics still to go.

Time spent: Just over an hour.

Acorns, oak trees etc.
Cutting figures' bodies from sprues and filing flash, attachment points etc. before gluing to aforesaid bases.

Time spent: Two hours.

Completely 'harmless'
 Covering the bases with cheap 'Poundland ' filler I always allow an overnight drying period to allow the filler to dry out thoroughly Time Spent: Two hours  Thursday:
The results of sandy-glued fingers
Pva glue sped over the bases before sprinkling fine sand sparingly over the bases. Time spent: Two hours   
Attack of the headless
Cutting right and left hand arms from the sprues; all the matching 'A's were cut first and attached, then all the "B's. Officers, flag wavers . sergeants and a drummer all had their various accoutrements added.
Of course all the usual filing of the bits was necessary and I did lose two musket arms in the process!

Time spent : Three hours plus (!)

Looking almost ready for ainting (aaarrggghhh)
Heads, had to be cut from the sprues with all the usual filing etc.
This was really a nerve wracking process as there was only the exact amount of headdress models for the figures I had. The turban- wrapped fez also had the flapping 'end' cut flush whilst the two fezzes needed had their exceedingly large tassels trimmed to a more reasonable (imo) size.  

Time spent : 2 Hours plus

Half-way through undercoating
Normally I do nothing hobby-wise on a Sunday, nevertheless I attempted to spray undercoat in almost gale force winds with a little success during a lull in the gusting winds.
Repeating the process sometime later I was much happier with the results.
Luckily SWIMBO was on a bubbling jaunt, so the figures could dry inside (plastics eh?).  

Despite various 'intrusions' during the week, by relatives and feeling generlly 'down' about blogging, gaming and everything else that goes wrong in real-life I managed  twelve hours of hobby 'stuff' - three times more than my usual minimal output.
Overall then a very successful week from my pov but I do have several blogs to catch up on despite efforts to keep up to date.

That's it then for this week, where nothing interesting happened, not much to post and little interest shown in what I'm doing. - makes me wish I was into fantasy ! (NOT)

As always your comments are welcomed and appreciated and apolgies for the lack of completely or even slightly blurry pictures.


  1. That's a productive week in my opinion Joe! Those plastic figures look good but require quite a lot of work by the look of things.

    1. Thanks MJT, it feels like I did a lot without much to show; plastic figures are a lot of work imo, with a lot of wzste too, I should have shown all the waste on the sprues,

  2. Always enjoy my visit, impressed by your discipline, makes mondays worth looking forward to.

    1. Thanks Douglas, as I so hate doing most things associated with our hobby, painting especially, I can now add "assembling figures". Having a self-imposed painting/hobbytime regime is the only way I get anything done

  3. A very productive week Joe, in anyone's book ! Well and above your target hours, with a large amount of progress.
    Good to hear your not changing what interests you to accommodate to the masses, as I may not game the same time periods you do, but thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and seeing what you've been up to each week

    1. Thanks Dave, I too was surprised just how much I did, but still had so little to show (Imo).
      I have no more than a passing interest in Fantasy (though a lot of historical stuff is fantasy too), there are a few fantasy games around that I like a lot.

  4. A good weeks work Joe & I would agree with what Dave posted above.

    1. Thanks Frank, can;t say I'm looking forward to painting this lot though, but on the bright side, they are in uniforms!

  5. Pictures are not bad!Can see a lot of work!

    1. Thank you Michal, I was surprised too at the photo-quality.

  6. I think you've been very productive, I've got a number of Perry plastic sets that have taken me literally years to complete! So well done you, 12 hours in a week, that's great!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, having assembled these I can;t imagine anyone making large armies from PLastics, but there must be some out there that will.

  7. An interesting slant on a wargaming blog post, I really enjoyed the diary style of it. Good idea.

    1. Thanks Vagabond, the format was really because I'm a little "cheesed off" (trying to be polite), not trying to b innovative or anything like that.
      I'm at the stage of "Is it worth it ?", re blogging etc.