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Monday, 18 March 2019

Storage & More

   Buildings that have never seen the table-top!
Firstly a warning, this post is a bit photo-heavy though I have omitted several storage photos that I originally intended to show. Another week past and another wherein nothing remotely hobby-related achieved, save for this blog and my attempts to catch up on all the blogs I follow (unsuccessfully).
I have stored figures, buildings, games etc. in all manner of places around my house and thought I'd post some of these.
Like many fellow gamers (I'm pretty sure) storage can be and major problem and I'm pretty lucky to be able retain and store figures and buildings I've had for many years, including some for well over forty years !
Here's some of what I have  around my house in just about every room!

The photograph on the right shows two of the four shelves occupied by all manner of things and even of there are mostly buildings shown, the bottom shelf contains the majority of my pony wars figures  along with other items.
Two storage units full of figures and an "Atlantic" Egyptian galley
 The two photographs above are in the same room, but on different shelving units.
Boxes containing some of my 54m Western collection
 When you have a large collection of 54mm buildings, for western gunfights storage can be a major problem! I have stored some above wardrobes in our master bedroom (shown above) and in our loft!
These are the oldest wargaming pieces that I can think of; the scratch-built Assay office just noticeable in the above photo, like all my western buildings is at least 45 years old! If I could lay all my western buildings out, they would fill an area of  about 6ft square!
Not shown, but also in the same bedroom are two sets of drawers, one containing a lot of my colonial troops and all my Romans. The other contains about have of my 7YW figures - the others half being dispersed in many other places.
My scratch-built mosque and dwelling
The Mosque above and the Japanese castle below are both stored above wardrobes in our house's main landing.Just noticeable in the photograph below is one of two Vauban style star forts that I built (the other was for a friend. It occupies about a square about 5 feet on a side, when laid out.
Japanese Castle (never used) and bits of a star fort to its right
Most of my storage is in my gaming room, above the table, on the table, below the table and in every nook and cranny !

Above  head height and the table. (obligatory blurry picture)
More storage above table and added shelf between two Ikea units
Mostly light-weight buildings stored here !
Under the table stuff (obligatory very boring picture)

 Under the table is currently stored  many of those vegetable baskets (kindly donated by my local grocer),
In the photograph can be seen the bottom of one of two Ikea units on this side of the table (left), the tabletop itself (top bluey bit); five stacked trays all containing vehicles for modern games (iirc); (centre back), a blue set of drawers - I forget what i s in them, but I suspect they're western game accessories); two trays of my recently painted Sudanese  that don't have a proper home yet; below the Sudanese is one of my cases for storing part of my zombie collection (there's 400 figures in it !).

Fairly boring picture
Still in my gaming room and tucked behind the door is the Ikea unit in the photograph to the left.
These units are an ideal size for the veggy trays I've been using for some time now (they're cheap, (read free), they stack really well and you can put them in a an Ikea unit - what not to like ?
In addition the foam figure trays from KR fir nicely into the trays to, three being easily stacked a single veggy tray.
The photograph to the left shows five veggy trays at the top, all containing foam trays with gangsters, zombies and Jimland/Congo
The bottom five tray s all contain vehicles for modern games (yes five trays of vehicle)
Still in my gaming room, the photograph below shows my Playmobil converted Colosseum (for 54mm gladiators) on a shelf above the door, with the Ikea unit just to the left of the photograph.
Colosseum (on a very heavy 3ft square board)
General storage
In the other alcove in my gaming room is this old Kitchen cabinet (and my original paint station)
It's used for storing many of the bits and pieces I use for scratch-building things, stacked in various tubs and trays (top).
In the centre, just above the fold-down leaf can been seen my Pony Wars fort - it's been its storage position for many years.
Below the cupboard is a shelf containing a lot of Pony Wars figures and many other bits and bobs.
There are three drawers below the centre shelf all containing either buildings or scenery accessories, such as my bill-boards.

I have quite a few other places where various things are stored, some like the loft are not easily accessed and I've only shown about half of what is stored under my table (mostly trees) and I'm pretty sure that there are other  places and things that I've forgotten !

This has bee a bit of a diversion from my Forgotten Armies series, but I'll be reverting to it next week, showing what is stored in one of the two blue containers shown in the second photograph above (not least because I've already taken the photos)/
Here's a teaser:
Not much of a teaser really as they're 6mm!

 Thanks for taking the time to drop by and I hope you've found something of interest


  1. The Wargame Addict18 March 2019 at 07:10

    Wow Joe - you have more terrain in your collection than a lot of clubs can muster!!
    You've resorted to some canny storage solutions, and I too am a fan of the plastic veggie racks :-)
    Loads of great looking buildings but the samurai castle instantly caught my eye - it looks terrific! Scratch built or from a kit? I'll gladly store it in my games room if you need the space :-)
    Another great post, and though I hope your gaming mojo returns soon, I am enjoying these posts immensely!

    1. Thanks WA,I do have a lot of buildings, but a lot of what you have seen is for figures in the 25mm-30mm (nowadays called 28mms!) and of course a smattering of 54nn buildings.
      Unfortunately all my6mm builfgind (about 100) were stolen from a wargames group a used to belong to and I do have a few 15mms too.
      The castle was scratchbuilt and is really only the keep, to my everlasting regret the roof shloud be blue !

  2. Christ that's a fecking lot, bordering on Posties Rejects levels!

    1. Hah, there a whole lot of hamers I reckon that have as many, if not more, than I have - I always thought Postie would be in that category too.

  3. Wow, Joe. Great posting, with loads to look at and enjoy. Your scratch-built mosque particularly caught my attention.

    1. Thanks Blaxx, the Mosque was copied from an artcle in an old "Wargames Illustrated" (iirc, or the other one)

  4. That's a lot of stuff Joe!!! You must have a very obliging Mrs, mine would have murdered me years ago!

    1. Yep, it may a lot, but I havebeen around a while !
      I have got rid of stuff over the years too, all my 20mm buildings, save for a few, went a long time ago (many Faller, Triang and Airfix) whiilst the few remnants have gone to my #1 son for his 20mm WWI.
      My wife has always been accomodating to my ggamjng - even at times allowing a table-tennis table (for wargaming) in the dining room !

  5. Great Scott Joe, that's an incredible collection you have!! I'll admit that I teared up a little when I read that your Japanese castle has never been used, that thing looks too nice not to have seen the table 🙂

    1. Thanks Ivor, I fear that many things n my collection have never been used at all and more that have sadly never been used in many, many years.

  6. Haha! I dont have anywhere to hide new things so that my wife can not get over :)

    1. Haha, I am in the enviable position now that if I buy anything my wife never objects.

  7. Brilliant post. Dead jealous here

    1. Thanks Clint, I am too when I see many of the other set-ups that gamers have.

  8. A wonderful collections of terrain Joe, that was no doubt years in the making :)

  9. Thanks Frank, strangey enough I say the majority of my buildings have been made or bought in the last ten years, but yes. most of my stuff is a lot older !

  10. Those 54mm buildings are cool. We all struggle with storage. I get some right funny looks from the good lady sometimes when things arrive in the post.

    1. Thanks Brummie, I may well see about lifting them down (carefuly this time) and posting about them, if I thought folk would be interested; they're mostly scratchbuilt and internally detailed.
      My wife has rarely been bothered by anything I've bought in the past as I'm never too extravagant and stick to whatever budget I'm given !

  11. This is very interessting.Thankyou very much to get a glimse of the creative center of Mr Joe. I think it says very much to see these kind of pictures and I think you are sitting on a pile of treasures.Your buildings caught my eye and it is a pity that you never played with several of those.I myself always wanted to build a Japanese castle and my question is what kind of materials did you use? Nice stuff indeed!

    1. Thanks Ptr for the kind sentiments; Japanese the castle is made from cardboard, (whatever I had lying around at the time) and was made over a four day Easter holiday some thirty or so years ago ! - I had a lot of energy and enthusiasm at the time.

  12. What a lovely post! Lots of interest,I would vote for a closer look at lots of it, I'm sure I wouldn't be alone,a terrain version of your forgotten armies please?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I really did this post on a whim and as a break from what I thought were fairly boring posts. I was quite surprised at how warmly many have been recieved.
      I will certainly be considering having a few "Forgotten Terrain" to show some of my very old bits.