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Monday, 11 March 2019

Off the Top Shelf (FA#6)

   Condottieri  (Armoured Lancers)
Yes, this was the army that should have been blogged about last week in my "Forgotten armies" series and is really number 6 in the series.
There was minimal damage caused by the fall from the 'top shelf' (some 8 feet !), a lot of bent pikes and spears and some damaged paintwork (not that anyone will notice with my painting skills) and I think that at least two pieces have also gone awol !
Mounted Crossbowmen (light horse)
The Forlorn hope (Skirmish Infantry)
The army, painted up for a Renaissance campaign,  is based for DB  rules and was slightly smaller than many of the other Armies in use. For the campaign each player chose an Nation and painted up the army or armies for the Nation. As Umpire I had the Pope's forces, whilst France had 3 Armies (the biggest force) and other 'Nations' had a number of Armies proportional to their available resources (both the player's and their 'nation'.

I think there were seven or eight players and all the figures purchased were from Irregular Miniatures from whom we got an excellent deal and service, with army packs configures specially for the armies in question.
If you want to see some beautifully painted 6mms from this period go to the link above and drool ! 
More dead men walking
Landesneckt foot (Arquebusiers)
More mixed foot (mostly useless)
There quite a lot of them
For 6mm figures the detail is quite staggering imo
The pike, a bit worse-off than most from the fall
The Landesneckt pike
An artillery battery
More Artillery (Largely ineffective)
I probably had too much artillery !
A Carroccio (a religious Wagon and immediately re-named a Karaoke)

A siege piece (never used iirc)
This and the battering ram below, were, I think not Irregular minis
Battering ram (possibly Games Foundry)
The whole force
 I really do like the Renaissance period, but could never afford, let alone paint a 28mm force to any degree of satisfaction.
 So yet another Forgotten Army, but one that I'm sure saw action, maybe two or three times.
The Campaign saw a huge battle with about five armies on each side, but I can't recollect the result.

 That's it then for yet another week wherein I haven;t managed to do anything other than hospital and clinic visits and not one iota of hobby related work save for writing this blog !

Thanks for taking the time to visit and yes, I'm still behind on trying to catch up on blogs !


  1. Great looking troops Joe. I wonder if you'll game with them again one day?

    1. Thanks Ray, I ahd hoped too when #1 son bought sdome opposition, but the butterfly effect happened and he's since lost interest (despite having the troops) and has went into many different projects.

  2. More wonders from the treasurer cave Joe :)

    1. Thanks Frank, if only that were all there was tucked away in storage...

  3. I find that troops or troop stands that fall/go awol are transported to other dimensions, it's the only fecking explanation. I'm still missing figures in this caravan from years ago!

    1. I have very similar issues, except I keep finding figures I never knewI owned or even remembered getting, a britich Bobby, a plastic 1/72nd Roman and several others.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Michal, I'm pretty sure if you did 6mm the detail would be awesome!

  5. This is the best FA so far. (just my opinion). I do like 6mm figures and these are no exception.

    1. Thanks Clint, though maybe old, I still find Irregular to be great value for money - now, if only I could paint them...

  6. Nice figures and quite a big collection. Please keep posting Joe.

    1. Thanks Ptr, I'm still a little way off finishing posting about my "Forgotten Armies"

  7. Joe, I'm so glad to read the above comment "I'm still a little way off finishing posting about my Forgotten Armies"!
    Not only are you posting some great eye candy, but you're taking me on some fantastic nostalgia trips!! :-)

    1. Thanks WA, I'm sure many of us have lots of figures tucked away - and not just the unpainted ones !