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Monday, 4 December 2017

More Fauna

"Nile Crocodile"
Another view
I've been pretty busy over the last week, but not all for Jimland!
Having come across yet another old project, my time this last week has been mostly taken up by  rejuvenating this old project, sorting, basing and making plans for more figures.
To date, I've based up approximately 200 figures (my large paint-tray is pretty full!) and have another 100 or so still to do.
More on this project in the the New Year, but now on to the new fauna for my "Adventures in Jimland".
Whilst not the best paint-jobs in the world, they're adequate enough to represent what they're meant to be! (My "that'll do" philosophy of painting).  First up is the croc from my cheap pirate ships (see HERE), which at the time I thought was too big for gaming with 28mm, but I've since changed my mind (see photograph below).
Seems these Nile crocodiles can get pretty big!
Croc with 28mm figure (2cm square base)
Nile crocs have an average length of 14-16 feet (approx 4-5 metres) but there have been exceptionally big ones too! As they get older (and bigger) they lose a lot of their striking stripey pattern and turn much darker - mine is obviously old!
View from above (obligatory blurry shot)
Hippopotamus (these are big too!)
Next up was a Hippo, that came from a cheap tub of "safari animals from my local "HB" store that I'd bought a couple of years ago, foolishly thinking they'd be big enough to fight my 54mm gladiators!
The tub cost about £4 for a four each of a dozen or so animals.
Hippo-butt view
Hippo with adventurer

Baloo anyone ?
Again from the same pot, here's one of those famous jungle bears (though not grey), Strangely enough  whilst there may be no bears in Africa (the long extinct Atlas bear is, well, extinct), there is a jungle bear card for a random animal in "Jimland" ( as well as that famous critter, the jungle Yeti and many, many other strange and wonderful creatures). 

Rear view (obviously)

Size comparison photo (only slightly boringly blurry)

My Pride (little joy)
 Once more, the tub provided four lions and four lionesses (identical).
I've used the four lionesses and two of the lions (the other two will probably have their heads mounted as trophies)
The king of the pride is a lion figure that I've had for any years and have no idea of its providence, but with its luxury mane and equivalent size, he makes a good king! 
Different view
Size comparison photo
The whole group (bored yet?)
Top-down view (bored now?)
Rear view (how about now?)
I still have a few more animals to do, a Rhino (having trouble getting its colour right), a giraffe and the Oryx I bought at Battleground and more that I want to buy, sometime in the future, but that's it for now, I have a good selection for my next (imminent) venture into Jimland.

It's huge! (Other versions may not be blurry)
STOP PRESS: As an added extra, here's a dinosaur from my local Poundlandworld that I just bought two days ago:
There were a great many different ones and some nice cheap packs of smaller ones too (5 for £1).
I liked this one because of the feather-like things running down its back!

So, that's it for another week, next week will probably be a post of the explorers I'll have finished explorers; thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope you've found something of interest.
As always, your comments are both welcomed, appreciated and necessary for me to keep my sanity(ish).


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Michal, the tub of animals was well worth the pittance I paid for them.

  2. These are wonderful Joe, what a great collection and that photograph of the Nile crocodile - wow!

    1. Thanks Michael, I was very surprised too when I came across the photo (looking for colour help), dry facts from Wiki ae nothing compared to an actual photograph.

  3. Those all work perfect with 28mm, definitely a useful group of toy animals - have to say the crocodile is my favourite

    1. Thanks Roy, I'm a big fan of the croc too, considering I though I'd never get to use it.

  4. Look for the bare necessities
    The simple bare necessities
    Forget about your worries and your strife
    I mean the bare necessities
    Old Mother Nature's recipes
    That brings the bare necessities of life

    Great bunch of critters and denizens for your lost world games thats for sure.

    1. Thanks Brummie, that made me chuckle!
      Yes, my many and varied fauna is slowly increasing!

  5. Sensational stuff, Joe. "Jimland" has clearly captured your imagination and also mine!! Love all the animals and the croc especially. Great posting :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, I dolike the croc, mostly because it wasn't bought especially for the game!

  6. Lovely economical bunch of animals, I think the hippo is my favourite, but the Croc and the pride are great too, the cost is also very impressive!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, after buying 5 Oryx for £7 (not a bad price imo) I realised just what value for money these animals were.
      The hIppo imo could have just with its teeth being slightly larger, but it is a great piece.

  7. I shall nip down to poundland at the VERY earliest opportunity..I shall call this an expedition to hunt dinos!

    Nice work on all the Fauna I can clearly see that Jimland is a very dangerous place. Far more to content with than local fauna anyway.

    Post script: Have you seen the 7TV triffids? Just a thought!

    1. Haha, I think the Dinos will be very popular, both the large separate ones and the small packeted ones should go fast - who doesn't like Dinos?
      The thing with Animals in Jimland is that you only encounter them when you're alredy in combat.
      I have looked at many -many eating plants etc., but the best Triffids I've seen were made from birthday candle holders - by a fellow blogger (possible Michael Awdry?.

  8. Love the paint job on the crock!

    1. Thanks HW, it took meq while getting the colours right, but it's the one I'm most proud of .

  9. Brilliant post Joe! Thatts a great collection of beasties you've assembled, and I'd disagree with your "adequate enough" and "that'll do" comment, cos I think you've done a cracking job matey! :-)

    1. Thanks WA, I'm still more interested in playing games than painting and it;s probably the reason why I beleuve I'm no more than an adequate painter, though sometimes I am quite proud of what I paint (the croc in this instance).

  10. I thought the crocodile looked good, until I saw the hippo and the bear. Then I saw the lions and thought that these were the best, but after that I saw the dinosaur! All useful stuff.

    1. Thanks C6, I'm pleased to have impressed. I 'd never thought that so much of my previously 'discarded' cheap plastic figures would be used - and the Dino was irresistable!

  11. Great croc Joe. I like how you've amassed these from all different sources. I'm looking forward to seeing them in one of your future battle reports.

    1. Thanks DEW, but animal attacks in "Jimland " seem to be fairly rare, so I won't be holding my breath.
      Like most of us, I think, I'vebeen collecting various odds and end for years andyears, inthe hope that oneday they'll comein handy for something or other. (Also known as hoarding)

  12. You never cease to amaze me with where you pull figures and items in from.