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Monday, 29 June 2015

The Safe House-Setup

Washington and Jerome about to meet up
This scenario is a follow-on from the "Alamo" scenario I played and the idea was also generated by an event card in that scenario.
At the end of the last scenario I had the leader of the  gangers (Jerome) escaping the gang's HQ and being joined by a civilian (called Washington), who in turn was fleeing a horde of zombies.
 The terraced buildings, I'd already determined to each have a roof hatch.
Once Jerome and Washington were together  they would head for the Safe house to plan their next step.
For this scenario, zombies would only be generated by noise, there would be no spawned zombies as the spawn points were already depleted and it was a continuation from the previous scenario.
In the building that Jerome had just left there were three more members of his gang, all hiding on the ground floor (they had had nowhere to run). These latter three would all require to recover from their fear (recover from the effect of running away), which at best would allow them to be in a state of Duck-Back" (ATZ rules). From "Duck Back" they could recover back to normality, stay ducked back or once more hide (effectively run away).
Just off-table below the house marked 'A' were a zombie horde of about 35 whilst the immediate threat of zombies were by the indicated red marker. 
The table area was the same as in the last scenario save for the fact it had been rotated 90 degrees, had two terrain boards removed (the two northern ones) and a further two added (these can just be seen to the right in the photo below.
Jerome, Washington and the three others had to make it from the house marked 'A' to the Safe House  marked 'B'.
Door on the safe house would be open only a roll of double '1' else they will be locked tight.
The horde by the South Barricade (indicated by the red marker)
Other doors could be open on a die roll of  '1'.
Rood hatches would be open in any event.
As I was playing the scenario solo I made up their plan and the various other rules I would use.
Their plan would be simple, go to the Safe house and check the door, if it was locked check next door and go around the back if neither were already open (putting as much space between themselves  and the zombies by the red marker before making any noise (smashing down a backdoor or breaking windows)
Fast movement in the open within 24" of zombies would attract them (whether or not they had a LOS) as would fast movement within 6" if inside a building, so normal movement would be the order of the day for all the gang.
 Jerome is only slightly above average in his stats whilst Washington is well above average for  Civilians (save for Washington); the others are pretty much run-of-the-mill. Here's the entire crew's stats:
                  Initiative    Leadership   Shooting   Melee   Driving   Fitness
 Jerome:         4                  4                   3              4           3             3     Rifle & BA pistol, Knife
Washington:   4                  4                   5               5          4             5      Shotgun, BA Pistol, Knife
Hiding in the house:
Jax                 4                  5                   2               3          5             2      BA Pistol, Knife
Leroy              3                  3                   2               2          5             5      BA Pistol, Knife
Patience         3                  3                   3               5          3             4      Knife, BA Pistol (no ammo)

Other than Jerome who is a ganger, all the others are civilians.
The three still in the starting building and currently unable to act will all take the same route to the safe house, namely up to the roof of house 'A', across the roof to the adjacent house and then downstairs into the back yard and finally across the street to the safe house, to join the others, without moving fast this would take about 12 turns ! 
The horde waiting just off table
Only noise and events could hinder the group, providing they all moved at normal pace. Events occur in my games (no matter what the environment or Encounter rating of the area) on a separate, die roll each turn, of a '6'.
For surviving the 'Alamo' scenario I gave each of the above an attribute, though they were unlikely to affect this particular scenario.
I didn't envisage much, if any Zombie action as only Events would really affect the scenario, but as they say "Best laid plans..." etc.
Encounters in houses would be with either Civilians, Gangers or Zombies. The zombies would have to be dealt with and the Civilians and Gangers  'negotiated' with I pre-decided that any gangers encountered would have a 50% chance of formerly having been  in the gang.

And that is it for this week, as I have limited computer access atm but the first part of the scenario will be related in next week's post.

In other news my fourth post in my new Gladiator Project's blog can be found here.


  1. Very envious of your table set-up there Joe, and delighted to see you are still thinking about zed-goodness. Looking forward to next week's post :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, I'm very pleased with all the inroads into getting a fairly good looking playing area, but it can always be improved upon.
      I haven't completely lost enthusiasm in my zombie set-up just yet - still trying to drum up interest with those around me.

  2. Awesome looking table! Can't wait to read next week's post!

    1. THanks Maj. (see also above), next week's post is already being composed !
      I wouldn't hold your breath though for much action !

  3. Love the idea, and how the game continues to flow. Your cityscape is excellent, and it looks awesome. It feels like an urban area, and the civilian and ganger group is a very cinematic gathering. Can't wait to see it continue!

    1. Thanks N667, I've already planned the next scenario in this series with the ganger Jerome, so it will continue.

  4. This is a very promising scenario I look forward to the next installment. The Gladiator link isn't working for me.

    1. Thanks Robert let's hope the scenario pans out in print better than it played !
      I think I've fixed the link too.

  5. Sounds interesting! I'm looking forward to hearing more about this...

    1. Thanks C6, all (or at least most) will be revealed soon

  6. Looks simple enough, walk down the street and get into a house. We all know how these scenarios end up when there are zombies involved, I think the expression is "tits-up".

    As others have said Joe, great looking table, makes these batreps a pleasure to view.

    1. Thanks Bob, yep, it is a simple enugh task, taken at face value. Next week's post will reveal the truth !

  7. I do love the look of your gaming board Joe, I must make more of an effort to get some things finished this summer.

    1. Although making terrain, scenery (and painting figures) etc. bores me to tears, once something is finished and being used, there is a certian feeling of satisfaction (and smugness).
      Thanks Michael

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    1. Thanks Irqan. Nice to 'hear' from you and to know you're still around and about.

  9. I await with much anticipation.