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Monday, 14 October 2019

Gordon's Khartoum Pad

In a week which saw my Interweb intermittent for more than four days and the usual aches and pains, I've managed to get a fair bit of hobby time in. I've finished the major modelling on the Building I started nearly a month ago having finally decided what its internal layout would be,  and yes, I used to be fairly indecisive but I'm not so sure now).
The photograph on the right and those following show the mostly complete model.
Rear view (figures for scale are Redoubt -bottom doorway and OG-roof)
Roof View (Ed.: Padding imo)
Entrance, showing the 'infamous' stairs
Entrance hall showing a bit more detail
Awkward view of stairs
Top-down view of ground floor
Upper floor 'top-down' view
Upper floor in place - notice door frames (internal only)

The 'other' side of the upper floor - Gordon's quarter maybe ?
This building has a footprint of about 16" x 8" (40cm x 20cm) and an overall height of about 6.5" (about 16.5cm) - so it may not be the biggest model I've ever made, but it is BIG !
 In addition to finishing the majority of the construction of this build, I manged to knock together a shell of another adobe  dwelling from the bits left over from the 4 sheets of A2 foamboard.  (that's the equivalent of 16 sheets of  A4 !). Here's the photographs :
Front (or back)
Back (or Front)
Obligatory boring photograph, but it does show how rough this build is
Bonus additional boring pic
This latter model had to have some immediate remedial work done to it in the form of emergency filler to fill the huge gaps and to keep it together (it'll be all right on the night - as they say).
The normal bits of stirrers for window lintels have been added to all the buildings made so far  but the lintels for Chez Gordon had a minor bit of detailing added:
Lintels for Gorden's windows - Internal doorway frames were done similarly
I've also made inroads to mass-producing doors for the various buildings and it wouldn't be one of my builds without numerous coffee stirrers,.
Mass production of doors, one or two will be arched, hence the 'stencil'
Weight added to flatten all those stirrers - unused wall to spread the weight
I'm very happy with this last week's progress, managed even despite real-life considerations constantly trying to hamper all my efforts.
I also proffer my apologies for what I consider to ave been a very rushed post this week - an unexpected,  last minute hospital appointment (today) meant I was very rushed to photograph, edit and produce this post (and of course the cameraman was as rubbish as ever).

That's it then for yet another week, thanks for taking the time to visit  and hopefully finding something of interest. As always, your comments are both welcomed and truly appreciated.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Adobe Buildings (2)

Despite feeling ill (no sympathy necessary), I've been quite productive this week, tackling three more adobe building for my Sudan project and I've made a little more progress on my large 'palace/government' building - slow but steady winning that particular race.
I decided to make a step by step photo record of the building in the centre of the photograph to the right and also photographs of the others I've been working on too, consequently this is a very heavy picture-orientated post (sorry), and as usual the photo-quality is of the usual poor standard too!
Notated plan, already deviating from the original by an extra 5mm (on the left side)
My starting place was a plan of the building, all features having some notation on them, I uses a N,S,E,W plus a number to indicate which wall is which and plan where windows , doors, stairs etc. are going to be place.
Drawing all the walls at once, gives standard heights etc.
Heights of Building, Parapet, roof/ceiling, doors all marked.,
Wall notation, similar length walls are above one another.
Walls cut out and doors, window etc. marked
Windows etc. cut out
Height adjustments made for internal walls and walls that will sit on the base, rather than on the edges
rabbets made for the four external walls
Note the use of a heavy, wood, flat board to assemble buildings (and a cupboard door for large pieces)
First wall added (Marked North 1)
I also use a handy block of wood, about 6" x 3" x 3/4" for checking corners are at 90 degrees and are vertical (it can be seen supporting the wall in the photograph above).
East wall added
West wall added (who'd have thought ?)
SE corner needs looking at - something went wrong, but is easily fixed
The SW corner is the same !
A quick trim and a bad rabbet on the right hand front wall.
Cutting rabbets can be triky and I managed to slice off the east one on the front wall making for an awful-looking joint, but glue, a knife and filler will fix anything! (Note the west one is the same)
The two walls that will sit on the base
The 'internal walls are cut to fit on the base; in the photograph above, the top wall has had about 2mm sliced off the bottom (about the thickness of the card base), whilst the internal wall has been cut to the height of the roof/ceiling base.
Door-wall added, note the block of wood being used
Internal wall added
Different view of same thing above (Ed.:This is just padding)
The stairs, showing obviously how they;re made
Approximately 5mm steps
Steps added with wall
I didn't like the way all the external walls made the model look like a shoebox, so I cut the walls around the courtyard down to about 5mm above the roof height.
Short, low added to courtyard
Overall view, showing cut-down courtyard wall.
Different view
Rear view (obligatory boring picture)
Garden cane, approximately cut to size.
Cane 'canopy' over small enclosure
Just the right size to fit a camel (or a donkey or goats - you get the idea)
Camelport with parked camel.
Camel - again (because, why not?)
This is as far as I've got with this model, obviously there is a lot more to do, but it hasn't been the only thing I've been working on. Here's some photographs of the other two 'L shaped' buildings made at the sane time as this one:
The larger 'L' shaped one
Different view of the above
Yet another view (bit bot-ring)
The other 'L-shaped' building
  Almost a mirror image of the other 'L'  
Still a lot to do on these buildings...
... but even more to do on this one!
Poundland filler I use (for Ray0, I forget the price.
That's it for the adobe building work for this week, gunging, roofs etc.will all be done at the same time, when I have what I consider is enough of the ;standard; smaller buildings, but work on the larger building will continue too. All painting will be done at the same time too.
 I haven't been idle in other things either, having based up a few figures and a daubed some paint on a few to (i still hate camels).

In other news a sand coloured cloth from S&S Scenics arrived at the weekend (great service from them btw). It's 6' x 8', which should be big enough for any game I foresee me playing in the Sudan.

So that's it then for another week, thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope that you found something of interest.

As always your comments, critiques, brickbats and bouquets are always welcome and truly appreciated.