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Monday, 1 January 2018

HNY 2018

  A happy New Year from all those currently in Jimland!
Happy New Year to all my friends, followers and visitors to my blog. I hope all of you that may have over-indulged have recovered and to those that didn't I hope you had a good new year celebration too.
As my blogging day is a Monday it was difficult to find a good a suitable day to reflect on 2017, but suffice to say I think I upped my game, painting some 100 figures or so for the first time in over a year and even managing to get a game in too! 
With my enthusiasm at at an all time high in recent weeks, I was over-indulged with hobby related items at Xmas and here's some of the very thoughtful gifts I received:
Three great books
Having resurrected an old project (The Sudan), my wife bought me a selection of related reading materials. The two source books are superb  and should be a must buy for anyone considering this period to game. They gave me some very welcome extra sources to add to my collection of photos of real jibbahs (jibbas) on Pinterest, which I've been adding too for some time.
The third book which I'm currently reading gives a very revealing insight into the Victorian "Small Wars" and how the British and Colonial forces managed to achieve so much.
Tools of the "trade"
Two tubes of acrylics were a welcome addition to my stocks, both colours I use prolifically, the white an especial bonus as I have had trouble getting a good white covering.
The hole/circle cutter came as a complete surprise and I can see it getting a lot of use.
21st Century version of the humble glue-gun
My ailing hot-glue gun has been supplanted by the 21st century, all singing all dancing cordless one you see on the left.
Complete with its own carry case, extra nozzles and fancy stand, it's another very welcome addition to my 'arsenal' of hobby-related tools.
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I also got a very nice truck from my Grandson, which I forgot to photograph!

I also convince my better half that I needed a few more figure, which I purchase from e-bay at about half price; they're the front three blocks in the photo to the right - the figures in the background are figures I've had for many years and have finally seen the light of day! The basing on all these is not all I've managed to do hobby-wise in the last two  weeks!
Jimland and the Sudan - Spot the Oryx!
The three trays of figures I've shown in a previous post have also had some progress too.
Some few are for Jimland, but the remainder are primarily for the Sudan.
I also found that I hate painting camels more than I hate painting horses or foot figures. The third tray (gunners) are all but finished and not shown as I couldn't find where I'd tidied them away!
Effing camels!

So, whilst progress has been very restrained over the holiday period I did manage to make some, but I reckon 2018 will see me changing gear into mass-production and hopefully even get a game or two in!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and once more I hope you've had a great holiday break and will have a great 2018, I'm pretty sure I will.


  1. That is a funny looking camel - the one with the very long neck! What are the antelope things, Gemsbok? They look cool whatever they are.

    All the best for 2018

    1. As the caption states they're "Oryx".
      I had forgotten about the long=ncecked camel too, (maybe because it's had nothing done to him/her recently!)
      All I wantnow to complete my Jimland things are some Warthogs, wildebeest, cape buffalo and....

    2. Ah, you can obviously tell that I don't read captions. Whoops!

    3. Haha, I blame the stress of your new job.

  2. Happy New Year, Joe, and a great posting to get things going imho. I love the minis on parade, and a top-looking glue-gun too - it does indeed look very 21st Century. Looking forward to your Sudan project and anything else you're kind enough to share tbh :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, supportive as ever!
      The Sudan project is mynew project for the year, but it won't be to the detriment of all the other things I'm doing. I'm really just getting very old projects out of the way.

  3. Happy Ne Year too sir!
    Many fun from hobby in 2018 :)

    1. Thanks Michal,I hope you have as much fun too in 2018

  4. Replies
    1. And to you too sir, nice to hear from you

  5. Happy New Year to you Joe, and all at Zabadak's ZombieWorld.
    It looks like you were an exceptionally 'good boy' over the previous year and were suitably rewarded for the effort :-)
    "changing gear" for 2018 sounds like somebody's well and truly got their mojo back, and I'll raise a glass to that! :-)

    1. Thanks WA, I hope all is qwell with you and yours too>
      I've realised that I can have games solo, despite my dislike of them and therefore I'm trying to clear a back-log of projects that I'll enjoy continuing.

  6. Happy New Year Joe.
    much to admire on the blog this year buddy and I'm really glad that Jimland will continue to feature.

    1. Thanks dGG, as Jimland is an excellent solo game (more so than most) I willbe continuing my adventures there as well as making buildings, and furthering my Sudan project.

  7. Nice haul, looking forward to the Sudan project and good to hear your sounding better!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I've had a love for Colonial games ever since "Zulu" was released in the Cinema.
      I may sound better but myhealth is like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it'll change!

  8. Lots of good stuff there. Tools/modelling stuff always useful.

    Mahdist/colonial again useful.
    Much to look forward to here I thnk

    1. Thanks Clint, I always like having a few of the rarer types of modelling toolseven though I may rarelyuse them.
      Yje Mahdist stuff is an old project that I reckoned deserved resurrecting. I think I've now got enough things going on to keep me busy for 2018,